Ultima Logistics, with its wide and strong agency network in the sea transportation, where a large part of the world trade is realized,transports all of your cargoes as in full (FCL) and / or partial (LCL) way to wherever you want,in the most economical and fastest way. With its expert and experienced staff in the field and the wide agency network around the world, Ultima Logistics provides door-to-door service in the most economical conditions as well as transporting your cargo only from port to port.

FCL Import/Export Services

Door-to-Port, Door-to-Door, Port-to-Door transportation options

Weekly Schedules

Special container options such as Reefer, Open top, Flat rack

Transit transportations from Turkey


LCL (Partial) Import / Export ConsolidationServices

Transportation of different customers on the same route by the same container or truckis called partial transportation. The main aim in partial transportation is to bring the cargoes, which demanded to be transported on the same route, to an economic level by loading them intoon the same vehicle, even if the cargo volume/weight does not fill a complete vehicle.

Services Provided

Weekly LCL consolidation services for export and import

Regular service and information transfer through a large agency network

Door-to-Port, Door-to-Door, Port-to-Door transport options

Transit transportations from Turkey

Ultima Logistics is able to provide the most accurate solutions to its customers with import consolidation containers from Far East and export & import consolidation services from USA.With the intensive volume of the Personal Effects and Used Household Goods shipment from Turkey,Ultima Logistics can also providea boutique service to it’s customers by controlling all processes such as packaging, customs clearance, pre-carriage and door delivery services, with its experienced team and the solutions partners and agents.

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